European Oak Flooring in Brisbane

Timber is one of the most elegant and durable flooring option on the market. Add some serious ambience to your home with Brisbane’s most extensive range of exquisite European oak at Simply Flooring.

Unrivalled in terms of beauty and character, traditional European oak flooring will add immense value to your Brisbane home. We offer a range of elegant finishes from a highly polished natural finish that brings out the rich warmth of the wood to subdued lime wash floorboards which will evoke chic minimalism in whichever room you choose to install it. All of our European oak flooring is available in stunning extra wide boards and exceptional colours to compliment any interior. These floors come with a scratch resistant finish and lifetime structural board warranty.

With such a range of extraordinary aesthetic qualities, it is easy to see why this material is the preferred choice of leading architects and designers. One of the most durable flooring options available, this timber is easy to clean and maintain.

Some advantages of this material include:

  • Beauty: Arguably the most attractive timber flooring option on the modern market; European oak is a material brimming with sophistication and character. The grain markings in the wood are beautiful and make a striking architectural feature in any home. Unlike other flooring options, it will only become more beautiful with age.
  • Durability: The oak flooring you lay in your home today will last a lifetime and then some. The high tannin content of this type of wood means it is incredibly resilient to insect infestation and fungal attack. An extremely durable material, this timber can remain a functional and aesthetically pleasing feature in your household for literally hundreds of years.
  • Environmental sustainability: It seems odd to think of wooden floors as an eco-friendly choice, but because they are a natural material, wooden floorboards have a much smaller carbon footprint than carpet or vinyl flooring. In addition to this, European oak is a hardwearing and reusable as well as timeless choice in a design sense, making it the perfect investment for both your home and the environment.

If you would like any more information on our range of exquisite European oak flooring in Brisbane or to get an installation quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

European Oak Flooring Brisbane

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